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[SCItalk] Precise Engineering of the Mammalian Genome

Marc Güell
Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain


Over the last decade, our capacity to engineering genomes has increased significantly impacting biomedical research and medicine. Despite important progress, mammalian genome engineering still faces important challenges such as limited multiplexability and difficulty to efficiently generate large edits. I will present our past effort in using CRISPR/cas9 technologies to create pigs free of PERVs for xenotransplantation after tens of simultaneous edits, and new methodologies to deliver large constructs into mammalian cells.


My research interests are focused on technology development in Synthetic Biology. My laboratory is currently centered on applied mammalian gene editing for therapeutic purposes and skin microbiome engineering. I am Principal Investigator and Tenure-Track Professor at Pompeu Fabra University, founding scientist at Egenesis Biosciences (xenotransplantation,, and co-founder of Sbiomedic (skin microbiome thx, 



Host: Julián Cerón