Portafoli Projectes

New solution for prevention of infection
Inventors : Máñez R (IDIBELL, HUB)

A molecule to prevent infection caused by gram negative bacteria.


A solution to nosocomial infections.

Novel Blood Biomarkers for Early detection of Alzheimer Disease
Inventors : Barrachina M, Ferrer I (Institute of Neuropathology, HUB, ID

Genetic and epigenetic mitochondrial panel to predict the risk of progression to Alzheimer Disease (AD) in diagnosed mild cognitive impairment patients (MCI).

Novel diagnostic tool using blood samples of MCI.

An improved Endo-Luminal Linear Anastomosis Stapler
Inventors : Golda T (IDIBELL, HUB)

A new device for endo-luminal linear anastomosis (ELLA) surgeries.

A stapler to reduce surgical trauma.

A novel safe and easy approach of laparoscopic procedure.

Topical analgesic gel for anorectal pain relief
Inventors : Linares Ma (IDIBELL, HV)

A topical gel to relief anorectal post-surgery pain and inflammation.

An effective balm in the treatment of pain and inflammation for common anorectal afflictions.

  • atherosclerotic
  • diagnostic
New small RNA biomarker for ischemic stroke risk prediction
Inventors : Aran JM (IDIBELL)

A biomarker to predict possible ischemic stroke.

A blood circulating non-invasive biomarker.

A Predictive method of atherosclerosis and stenosis.