Portafoli Projectes

New prognostic biomarker for breast and ovarian cancer
Inventors : Pujana Ma (IDIBELL-ICO), Lázaro MC (IDIBELL-ICO),Surrallés

A novel biomarker of tumor aggressiveness with prognostic value.

A method to predict response to DNA damaging agent treatment in patients with cancer.

New calcineurinic inhibitor immunosupressant
Inventors : Pérez M (IDIBELL), Pardo L (UAB)

A non-peptidic molecule acting as calcineurinic inhibitor immunosuppressant that do not need to bind immunophilins to inhibit calcineurin.

Molecule that do not affect the phosaphatase activity of calcineurin towards substrates other than NFATcs.

A treatment with less side effects

A new target for antiangiogenic-resistant tumors (2nd line) and a novel biomarker of treatment response
Inventors : Casanovas O (IDIBELL, ICO)

A new target for tumors resistant to antiangiogenic treatment.

An in vitro method for detection, diagnosis, monitoring, prognosis and prediction of response to treatment in cancer patients.

An in vitro method for determining whether a tumor is resistant to an antiangiogenesis agent.

New facial paralysis rehabilitation software
Inventors : Montesinos N (HUB)

A real-time software to facial paralysis patients rehabilitation.

An improvement of the existing mirror therapy.

Breast prosthesis with active coverage to avoid infections
Inventors : Jesús A. González Martínez (HUB)

New approach to avoid complications in reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery.

Coated breast prosthesis to avoid infections.