Portafoli Projectes

Predictive Drug-companion Diagnostic Test for Cancer Therapeutic Resistance
Inventors : Casanovas O (IDIBELL, ICO)
  • New predictive drug companion biomarker

  • NCE for Tumors AA-resistant treatment

  • In Vitro test for diagnosis, prognosis & prediction of response to cancer treatment

New facial paralysis rehabilitation software
Inventors : Montesinos N (HUB)

A real-time software to facial paralysis patients rehabilitation.

An improvement of the existing mirror therapy.

Breast prosthesis with active coverage to avoid infections
Inventors : Jesús A. González Martínez (HUB)

New approach to avoid complications in reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery.

Coated breast prosthesis to avoid infections.

Inventors : Josep Mª Aran, Ana Luque (LMG, IDIBELL)
  • Compound X approved for use in humans.
  • Able to be repurposed for lupus nephritis (LN) treatment without the associated toxicity by current standard treatment (steroids and immunosuppressive medication).
  • Efficacy shown in a preclinical assay: oral administration in a LN animal model.
  • Azoospermia
Diagnostic test for azoospermia origin
Inventors : Larriba S (IDIBELL)
  • Non-invasive azoospermia biomarkers & Kit development
  • High sensitivity and specificity (>90%)
  • Effective azoospermia test in seminal plasma to avoid unnecessary biopsies