Portafoli Projectes

A web-based platform for the identification of fronto-subcortical connectivity disruptions of brain disorders
Inventors : Soriano, C (IDIBELL)
  • Easy-to-use web-based platform to identify biomarkers
  • Specific neuropsychiatric symptoms-guided brain disorder identification
  • First diagnosis for effective treatment selection
Regenerative medicine for the treatment of heart disease
Inventors : Raya A (IDIBELL)
  • An effective tool for drug screening in heart disease models
  • Regenerative medicine for the treatment of heart disease
  • A potential biological patch for post-infarct scars
  • A new technology for the generation of mature human cardiomyocytes
A new method to reduce the side effects of Ocular Brachytherapy
  • This nanotechnology reduces the radiation dose for an effective treatment
  • Increasing the array of tumors capable to treat by standard Brachytherapy
Companion diagnostic for cutaneous and uveal melanoma
Inventors : Fabra A (IDIBELL), Ferreres JR (HUB), Caminal JM (HUB)
  • Prognostic biomarker for cutaneous and uveal melanoma

  • Combination therapy for metastatic melanoma

  • Inhibition of metastasis and survival of cancer Stem Cells

Biosensor-Based Video Game Complementary Tool For Gambling And Eating Disorders Treatment
Inventors : F. Fernández-Aranda (HUB), Z. Agüera (HUB), S. Jimenez (HUB)
  • Biosensor-based Video Game
  • Mobile/tablet device app development
  • Improvement of impulsivity in patients with gambling and eating disorders