01 August 2018

Macarena Gómez de Salazar i Xavier Altafaj, autors de l'estudi

  • Neurociències

The biochemical signature of the synapse in a model of Down syndrome is identified with high resolution

Down syndrome (DS) is a condition associated with the trisomy of human chromosome 21. As a result of this genetic alteration, individuals with DS have an excess of gene dosage of certain genes that leads to an anomalous increase of gene products (proteins).

19 July 2018
  • Càncer

Early Supper Associated With Breast and Prostate Cancer Risk

People who have early supper or go to sleep at least two hours after their evening meal have a 20% lower risk of breast and prostate cancer than people who go to sleep immediately after eating.

17 July 2018
  • Càncer

Novel Common Genetic Susceptibility Loci for Colorectal Cancer

The IDIBELL colorectal cancer research team, led by Dr. Vïctor Moreno, has contributed to a large-scale study that led to the description of 11 new genetic variants associated with this type of cancer.

13 July 2018

The three codes of biological information: the genome (the DNA sequence), the epigenome (the chemical modifications of the DNA and its regulatory proteins) and the epitranscriptome (the chemical modifications of the RNA).

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The Third Warehouse of Biological Information: The RNA Code

The best-known way our cells and tissues store biological information is their genetic code, derived from the DNA sequence (Deoxyribonucleic Acid). During the last two decades, the epigenetic code has been identified as capable of controlling our DNA through a series of chemical tags.

09 July 2018

New books by IDIBELL authors: hereditary colorectal cancer & stem cell genetics

Hereditary Colorectal Cancer. Genetic Basis and Clinical Implications