Portfolio Projects

New target Therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Inventors : Eva González-Suárez (IDIBELL)
  • New strategy to inhibit RANK pathway for the treatment of TNBC.
  • RANK is expressed in 40% of TNBC where it was linked with poor clinical outcomes.
  • Cost-effective therapy for TNBC and NSCLC easing the economic burden
Multifunctional RNA molecules to treat Ewing Sarcoma
Inventors : Martínez, O (IDIBELL)


• New effective treatment for ES and other sarcomas

• Multifunctional RNA conjugate targeting Ewing Sarcoma metastasis

An Endo-Luminal Linear Anastomosis (ELLA) Stapler
Inventors : Golda T (IDIBELL, HUB)

A new device for endo-luminal linear anastomosis (ELLA) surgeries.

A stapler to reduce surgical trauma.

A novel safe and easy approach of laparoscopic procedure.

Topical analgesic gel for anorectal pain relief
Inventors : Linares Ma (IDIBELL, HV)

A topical gel to relief anorectal post-surgery pain and inflammation.

An effective balm in the treatment of pain and inflammation for common anorectal afflictions.

  • atherosclerotic
  • diagnostic
Quick test for STROKE risk diagnosis
Inventors : Aran JM (IDIBELL)
  • Vulnerable atherothrombotic plaque identification using blood circulating miRNA biomarkers

  • Point-of-Care microfluidics paperbased analytical device (μPADs) integration (in co-development with Paperdrop Diagnostics S.L.)