15 June 2011

IBEC presents its activities to IDIBELL researchers

On 6 June the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) presented its activities to IDIBELL biomedical researchers, as part of the official agreement of collaboration between both institutes, in a conference organized by the Biopol'H.
14 June 2011

Manuel Ramirez: ''Once we have made the step from the laboratory to the patient, we must return to the laboratory for further progress''

The pediatrician and oncologist Manuel Ramírez explained at a conference in the past IDIBELL June 10 his clinical experience in children with solid tumors treated with the virus ICOVIR 5, designed by the research group on virotherapy of the IDIBELL led by Ramon Alemany,
10 June 2011

IDIBELL has a new platform that facilitates the use of ultrasequencing technology

IDIBELL has added a new scientific platform which increases applications of Biomark, an equipment purchased a year ago that performs real-time PCR, gene expression, genotyping, and digital analysis of a large number of samples.
08 June 2011

Researcher Joan Gil wins Valdés-Salas award in applied biomedicine

The head of the research group on apoptosis and cancer of the IDIBELL, and professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Barcelona, Joan Gil, has been awarded the I
07 June 2011

Francisco Sánchez-Madrid: ''The immune cells exchange genetic material''

During the process of immune recognition, T cells and antigen-presenting cells exchange genetic information (microRNA), which allows modify the immune behavior.