25 October 2010

Discovered oncogenic mechanisms caused by TLX1 overexpression in leukaemia

The journal Nature Medicine has published a study that described for the first time oncogenic mechanisms caused by alterations in the gene TLX1 in T cell progenitors in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Specifically, researchers have found chromosomal abnormalities in mitosis control mechanisms.
22 October 2010

HUBc, disigned campus of international excellence

Thus, the UB became the first and only general university of Spain which has two international excellence campuses. The UB, along with the UPC [Catalan Polithecnic University], also won this award last year with the Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC).
21 October 2010

La Marató de TV3 finance four projects involving IDIBELL researchers

Four IDIBELL researchers are involved in projects funded by La Marató de TV3 2009, dedicated to rare diseases.
19 October 2010

Cancer cells sequester and inactivate tumour molecules within their own core

All human cells have a central core where the DNA (our genetic material) is, an aqueous medium (cytoplasm) where the proteins are produced and metabolic processes take place, and a peripheral layer around the cell that gives shape (plasma membrane).
13 October 2010

Manel Esteller bestowed with the World Health Summit Award

The Director of the Cancer Epigenetics and Biology program of IDIBELL, Manel Esteller, has been bestowed with “The World Health Summit and Pfizer Award for Innovation in Biomedical Research”.