09 April 2010

Researchers discover how the brain is able to remember complex information in a short time

The ability to hold for a short period of time new information in the brain is a very common and necessary action to cope with the needs of everyday life.
11 March 2010

A medicine for epilepsy has proved its effectiveness against a severe neurodegenerative disease

The X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy is a hereditary disorder that destroys the myelin (the white substance that covers and protects the nerves) of the central or the peripheral nervous system and that consequently produces a hormonal disorder.
28 January 2010

A study demonstrates for the first time that the Mediterranean diet protects against stomach cancer

12 January 2010

IDIBELL and UB researchers identify a gene that causes movement problems in mice

The cerebellum is the center responsible for motor coordination in vertebrates. Alterations of this part of the central nervous system, situated under the brain, result in a complex syndrome called ataxia, characterized by a lack of coordination of body movements.
21 December 2009

IDIBELL scientists discover a connection between overgrowth and cancer