25 June 2019
  • Neurociències

Distinct clinical profiles of Huntington's disease can be associated with two specific neural signatures

•    The identification of specific neural signatures can help develop specific biomarkers and personalized treatments for Huntington's disease.

21 June 2019

Evaluación de cataratas en ratón. Ejemplos de ratón visto desde arriba y lateralmente (A) sin cataratas y (B) con catarata unilateral en el ojo derecho. Vista microscópica de lentes extraídas y colocadas en rejilla de cobre para visualizar opacidades con ejemplos de (C) una lente transparente, (D) opacidad leve, (E) opacidad intermedia y (F) catarata madura.

  • Medicina Translacional

Researchers identify an amino acid transporter as responsible for the onset of congenital cataracts

The 'human molecular genetics' research group of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute, led by Dr. Virginia Nunes (IDIBELL - UB - CIBERER), has participated in a research study demonstrating that the amino acid transporter LAT2 causes congenital cataracts in both animals and humans.

19 June 2019
  • Càncer

Mey Hofmann Foundation, next to women with breast cancer

Silvia Hofmann, CEO of the Hofmann Group, presented the Mey Hofmann Foundation, a project born with the aim of helping women to face breast cancer with a transforming attitude to overcome it.


18 June 2019

Dr. David Soto (UB), Dra. Judith Armstrong (HSJD), Dr. Xavier Altafaj (IDIBELL), Dra. Àngels García-Cazorla (HSJD).

  • Neurociències

A dietary supplement improves the motor and communicative skills of a patient with atypical Rett syndrome

18 June 2019

Jorge Gómez Miragaya (autor principal de l'estudi) i Eva González Suárez (líder de l'estudi).

  • Càncer

IDIBELL researchers relate the amplification of a chromosomal region with resistance to a chemotherapeutic drug in breast cancer

  • The study was carried out by a team led by IDIBELL researchers, with the participation of Baylor College of Medicine (Houston) and the University Institute of Onc