16 April 2019

El Dr. David G. Molleví i la Dra. Natalia Guillén Díaz-Maroto, de l'IDIBELL-ICO

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IDIBELL – ICO researchers set new bases to develop therapies against colorectal cancer


12 April 2019
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The PhD day showcases the talent of young researchers of Bellvitge

Last Thursday, April 11, another edition of IDIBELL PhD day took place in IDIBELL in the Duran i Reynals Hospital.

27 March 2019
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New muscular disease: Myoglobinopathy

Researchers of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) led by Dr. Montse Olivé have described in Nature Communications a new muscular disease caused by a mutation in the myoglobin gene.

22 March 2019

Collaboration between health institutions and industry creates value for the patient

The event gathered the main innovation experts in Catalonia and analyzed the synergies with the same industry in the United Kingdom



21 March 2019
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Scientists confirm the validity of current techniques for predicting resistance to treatment in metastatic colorectal cancer

More sensitivity is not always better.