22 February 2019

D’esquerra a dreta, Marc Gallegos, CEO de Paperdop Diagnostics, Gisela Lorente, Responsable de la Unitat de Gestió de portafoli de projectes de l’IDIBELL, Josep M. Aran, cap del grup de recerca en processos immunoinflamatoris i teràpia gènica de l’IDIBELL i Dr. Jerzy Krupinski, cap del servei de Neurologia de l’Hospital Universitari MútuaTerrassa.

  • Medicina Translacional

Paperdrop Diagnostics, IDIBELL and MútuaTerrassa collaborate in the design of the first quick test to predict ischemic stroke

The nanobiotechnology company Paperdrop Diagnostics, spinoff of the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), has begun the development of the ISR-TEST, the first device that allows identifying patients at risk of suffering from ischemic diseases.

07 February 2019
  • Medicina Translacional

The novel method Nested CRISPR enables efficient genome editing using long DNA fragments

CRISPR is a technique that is revolutionizing biomedical research through high-precision genome editing.

24 January 2019
  • Neurociències

Dopamine modulates the reward experiences elicited by music

A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), reveals a causal link between dopamine and the reward responses in humans when listening to music.

14 January 2019
  • Medicina Regenerativa
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Defective glial cells can push neurons toward Parkinson's disease

A team of scientists led by Prof. Antonella Consiglio from the IDIBELL and the University of Barcelona (UB), and Prof.

09 January 2019
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IDIBELL researchers identify a new leukodystrophy in children and its potential cure

The Neurometabolic Diseases research team at IDIBELL and CIBER of Rare Diseases (CIBERER), led by ICREA Professor Aurora Pujol, has uncovered a novel disease of children affecting the brain white matter –the myelin sheath-, leading to severe incapacity and death in some case