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[MEDtalk] How Coming Innovation in Pharmaceutical Industry Can Have an Impact on You as Researcher

Virginia de las Heras
Therapeutical Area, Head of the Immunology, Dermatology, Hepatology and Transplantation Department
Novartis, Spain



New technologies are changing how we perceive the world, how we do things, even how we think. Doing research, drug discovery and development, are experimenting disruptive innovation. Clinical trials as well: new designs, new recruiting procedures, remote monitoring, etc. Pharmaceutical companies are immersed in this deeper transformation.

New technologies have also democratized access to information. As a result, now people (patients) want not only to know but also to take part in everything that has to do with them. As a result, Agencies and Big Pharmas are involving patients in their decision-making processes.

During this talk, we are going to pay attention to some of these changes: Drug identification and development, clinical trial execution and patient perspective.





Neurologist specialized in multiple sclerosis: May 2000 to May 2012 at Clinico San Carlos Hospital, Madrid, Spain. Several research communications to congresses and publications focused on multiple sclerosis and related diseases. Since 2013, Medical Director in Novartis Pharma Spain, firstly for the Neuroscience Medical Department and currently for the Immunology, Dermatology, Hepatology and Transplantation Department (since October 2016).